If you think hounds are essential to the hunting of bears and bobcats, read on…
Here’s a message from the California Deer Association:
On August 8th, the Assembly Appropriations Committee in Sacramento placed SB 1221 on suspense. SB 1221 would outlaw the hunting of bears and bobcats with hounds. This suspense action just means the bill is on hold and will come up again on Aug 16th for a vote. This bill, if passed, will cost the state millions of dollars at a time when our schools are in trouble and the state’s economy is a mess. Our elected officials in Sacramento need to deal with the real economic problems of the state and not this bill that is backed by lies and misinformation.Please call and write the committee representatives listed at this link http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001slgh3PmKwBwLEQvUqBpCnCu16hcyTfa8qT2xHFUPdnOBlSi8vzSPWO1PdgYNmYFigxOFDdlPjuNjOop-NSMUsZtSvhapW_WyFEq1OoLzu_z1UDEXLv2giymHUq5sVwTV8L5Fe6x1VFY= and tell them California cannot afford this costly bill. They can still bring the bill up at any time until midnight Aug 31st unless it is voted down on Aug 16th so keep calling, emailing and writing letters until the bill is killed and have all your friends do the same.

Remember, bears kill more than 70% of the fawns each year west of the Sierra Crest – buy a bear tag this season!